Saturday, July 11, 2015

Weaving, Photos & Digital Art

Hey there! I hope the month of July is treating you well so far. I have been busy working on new stuff for my shop and will share those with you at the end of this post. But lately I have been wanting to step back and do some personal things for myself. I mean my shop is personal, but things outside the business end of it. Weaving has been something I have been interested in learning and decided the other day to jumped right in. Here are some pictures of my very first weaving journey.

I made the small loom. 

First couple of rows. 

Some more rows and tassels. The two greenish golden colored rows are wool. You can use different things besides yarn, I'm going to incorporate some fabric, feathers and sticks in other ones. 

And the finished piece. It's a small one, measuring about 4 x 7 1/2 inches including the longest tassel.
I will admit at times it was very frustrating and had to remove some rows due to mistakes, but in the end I want to do and learn more. That's a good sign! The next one will be larger and will be making a bigger loom for that.  

Next up are some random photos.  

 Lincoln is getting so much bigger.

 Double exposure.

Pedro & Lobo 

Ok so now onto the digital art.

 Three Arrows And Triangles 

Floral Circle  

 Flower Diamond 

 Four Striped Circles


 House Plain Smoke 

 House Turquoise Smoke 

 These Mountains 

Three Trees 


Paint Splatter Circle 

And a set of 8 happy birthday gift tags. 

That's it! 

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