Saturday, November 8, 2014


Just wanted to do a quick post to let you know that my blog will be coming back here. Adding a few of the other post that were on the other blog manually so that I have them all together, blogger was taking a long time to import them, it's not like there was a boatload, only 7. Anyway keep a lookout for blog updates from me here from now on.

Hope everyone is well.


  1. Hey there, its been awhile. Lots of catching up I need to do. I need to update on my blog more often. Haven't been on Ipernity since the Stick Project (thanks to you : P ) lol glad its been over for some time but I still get nightmares. See ya soon

  2. Love you Roxy! Trying to catch up! Will e-mail you ;o) Hugs ;o)
    Your blog looks great ;o)


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