Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Two Dachshunds And Some Leaves

Here are some digital art images that I recently made. 

This Dachshund is checking out the first leaf of fall. 

This one is called "Happy In Your Face Fall!" Yes fall has arrived!

"When The Leaves Fall"

Here it is in a repeat pattern. 

The leaves are starting to turn here. Are they where you are? 

**Comments that were on the original blog post from another blog but could not be imported. 

I love the Dachshunds, they are adorable!

I used to have two Dachshunds, but sadly they are gone now. They were one of the first subjects I used when I got into creating art. Those little long and low dogs have so much character and hope to have another one or two in my life again someday. :)


  1. Love the dachshunds in the Autumn play. Nice work.
    Had a great fall, the oak leaves are still on with lots to rake up yet
    Take good care : )


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