Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Colors Of Halloween

It's getting closer to Halloween! I made up a digital art piece called "Colors Of Halloween". It's a simple design of just three colors of black, orange and gray and has a texture. This design is available on a lot of products in my Redbubble and Society6 store. Below are some samples of the products that it's on, please click on the links above to see the rest. On some, the design is different on the same products between the two websites and that depends on how each of the websites wants images uploaded and also the size of the image. If my image is small then I will do a repeat pattern to be able to fill the size that is required. 

Pillow, phone case, mug, print, shower curtain, tote bag, cover, pillow, t-shirt. 

Happy Autumn! 

Oh and please see this previous post here for a giveaway I'm having. 

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