Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Lately I have been focusing more on drawing and here are the results. 

Most of them are done with pencil and one is with colored pencils. 

This was my first attempt at a realistic eye. 

Second attempt. 

Of course I had to do a teeny tiny eye.  1 x 1 inch. 

Size comparison to a US quarter. 

Colored pencils to me are a little more difficult to do with getting colors and shading right. 

Some ACEOs done with pencil.  2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches. 

One thing that I have to practice more is doing the eye lashes. They're  my weakness! 

Now I hope you don't have the feeling of being watched with all of those eyes. 

Have a fantastic week.   

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  1. Hey Roxy!
    Sorry I am so late coming by!
    Your eyes are amazing! WOW!!! You don't have any weaknesses! Your eye lashes are perfect ;o)
    Love the new aceo's ;o)
    Big Hugs and I hope everything is well ;o)


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