Friday, June 21, 2013

P and P

Phillip and Photos. 

10/365 Egg Holder  6-19-13
   Phillip the egg holder.   

11/365 Vase 6-20-13
Phillip makes a great vase for those tiny flowers that are just too small to go in the larger ones. I'm pretty amazed at what Phillip can be used for. 

My youngest son covered up his face when I took a photo of him.

Not Today
Five photos of a wood fence pieced together.

Follow The Leader 
Five photos of one tree pieced together. 

It Happens
Two photos of one tree pieced together. 

Five Reasons 
Five photos pieced together. 

I have a question to ask. Lately I have been posting my photos in the extra large size. Do you like them that big? 

Happy Friday and first day of summer! 


  1. I love your work and you have a great sense of humor. I do like your photos in the extra large format.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Happy Summer Solstice Roxy ;o) I love your pictures big!! The ones you posted today, I really love the feeling of them! The one of your son, looks like it should be an album cover!! Phillip is a handy little guy ;o) Maybe he has a brother? LOL!

  3. Extra large is good. I'm starting to supersize some of my images on my blog too. At first they seemed overwhelmingly large, but now I'm getting more used to it.


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