Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Giveaway - Which Color Will You Chose?

It is time for a giveaway! This is going to be the colored drawer giveaway that I did on my old blog a while ago and thought it would be fun to do it again here. So here it goes. There are six colored drawers in the wood drawer chest pictured below and each one has a prize inside.

The prizes are very small, whatever can fit into the drawers, but all were made by me. Now you don't get to see the prizes, ah a mystery. To enter your name in this giveaway pick a colored drawer from the wood dresser chest pictured above. Blue, Orange, Red, Purple, Yellow or Green. Leave a comment on this post telling me which colored drawer you picked. A name will be picked and the winner gets what is in the colored drawer they chose. 

Now to make it more interesting there's a "Get It All Block".

That special block has the same six colors as the drawers and will go into one of those drawers. How I determine what drawer the block goes in is that it will be rolled and whatever color is on top that is the colored drawer it will go in. If that block is in the winner's drawer they will get all the prizes in the other drawers too. Woohoo! I will announce the winner in a blog post along with a picture of the prize or prizes that were won on Monday, July 1st. I will ship worldwide. So go ahead and pick a color and leave me a comment. 


  1. OH I'm first, how much fun is this and so cute.

    I'm going for yellow

    Thank you Roxanne.

  2. Very cool and fun giveaway! I'd like to choose PURPLE please!

  3. I'm going for orange this time ;o) July 1st? Lucky day! It's Canada Day ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  4. Oh, so much fun! I'm going for my favourite colour: blue :)

  5. What a fun giveaway! I would love to choose the red drawer. I am a follower.

  6. Okay, hello … I'll choose yellow.
    So poetic, aren't I . ;)


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