Monday, June 10, 2013

1/365 Phillip The Toilet

1/365 6-10-13

I'm starting another 365 day project again. One object, one photo a day for one year. Woohoo! No wait….what am I getting myself into? Oh well it's too late.

Ok I'm sure by now you saw the picture and are wondering if that is really her object? A toilet? Yes and yes. Isn't it a beauty? The other day I was at a local craft store and was looking at the miniature items for dollhouses that was on display and saw a bathroom set that had a toilet, sink and tub. I showed it to my husband and son and joked that I should do a photo project with the toilet. Not really being serious about it because of what it was. Also what would people think? We had a good laugh, but when we got home my husband and I got back on the subject, laughed some more and thought it would be fun to do a project with it because it's not your typical subject. So off we went back to the craft store to get it. Now he has to have a name, didn't want to just call him toilet for the next year. His name is Phillip. Just don't say his name and what he is in one sentence……Phillip the toilet. Get it? Sounds like fill up the toilet. I know I know that's gross, we can blame that on my hubby because he's the one to come up with the name. So now what in the world am I going to do with a toilet for one year? Don't know but I hope you follow along and find out.


  1. LOL! Only you lady!! This is going to be hilarious! Roxy, I think it would be cute to have Blue on Phillip! LOL!

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