Thursday, October 18, 2012


Just a quick post to show you my latest work.


"Purple Monster"
I want a red balloon like that. 

"What Becomes"

"Black And White Flower"

"Red Girl"
Acrylic painting/Digital drawing.  

"Green Girl"
Acrylic painting/Digital drawing. 

"Girl In Dress"
Acrylic painting/Digital drawing. 


"Only A Part"
This is a little part of a larger painting that I'm working on. 

"Old Lamp"

"Red Rose"

"Just Stripes"


  1. I like the girls with their line drawing look and painted faces! Cool!

  2. Hey Roxy!!! You have been busy lady! I can't wait to see your larger painting! I love the girl in the dress! Very cool! Just to let you know, I got the aceo's yesterday!! Yepeee! Big Hugs ;o)


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