Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lino Block Printing

I remember doing lino block printing in high school and thought it was pretty neat back then, but forgot about it. Recently I discovered it again and bought a starter kit to see if it was something that I wanted to pursue more. If you are unfamiliar with lino block printing please click here for more info. That will do a better job of explaining it. Ok so for a few days I thought really hard of what my first design would be. I almost lost sleep over it. Well the first two ideas were a no go so then I said the hay with it and started drawing lines on the lino block and ended up with just a simple design. Nothing fancy here, but I like it and now yes I'm hooked.

It wasn't until I did the first printing that it reminded me of zebra stripes. I will be experimenting with this same design with other colors, different papers and also coming up with other designs. Fancier ones. 


  1. I remember doing this, too, and it was a lot of fun. Stripes are so versatile; I am sure you will find many uses for this!

  2. Cool Roxy! I like! And, I see some new aceo's too! I am catching up! Just to let you know, you won Shelle's aceo ;o) She actually sent me the aceo, so I will send it to you ;o) Congrats ;o) Hugs ;o)

  3. that looks cool! is it hard to carve the block?

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