Thursday, September 6, 2012

1 and 2

That would be 1 painting and 2 Dachshund art dolls.

Awww Dachshund found a heart. 3 x 3 inch canvas painting with easel.

Clay Dachshund art dolls.

I started these two cuties a while ago and they were begging me to finish them. 

I might be going on an art supply run sometime today. Happy day! 

Do you get excited about getting new supplies? 


  1. OMG Roxanne! So glad you finished the clay dachshunds! They are soooooo adorable! You are so talented my friend--it is amazing how you are able to capture the same cute expression no matter whether you are painting them, claying them or felting them!

  2. Roxanne!!! Your clay dachshunds are adorable!!! Love them!!! So darn cute!!! And, your painting is so precious!! Excellent!!!

  3. Those little guys are seriously adorable! I definitely get excited when I get new supplies sometimes too.

  4. Wow..It's the most prettiest dog I've ever seen.I L=Love your blog.


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